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Thrust model for a gas turbine engine
Model for the F16 actuators. Each has a lag.

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Implements an aircraft control system.
Implements a pitch rate control augmentation system.

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Compute angle of attack and sideslip.
Convert from the body axes to stability axes.
Convert from the body frame to wind axes.
Convert from the ECI frame to the NED frame.
Euler angles given ECI information.
Euler rates.
Convert from the body axes to stability axes.
Compute ECI to body quaternion from ECI position and Euler angles.
Convert from the ECI frame to the NEH frame.
Convert from stability axes to wind axes.
Compute wind vector from angle of attack and sideslip.
Compute the total velocity derivative from the body velocity
Compute body velocity from alpha, beta and vT.

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ACTConstants.mat - Aircraft constants database.
AtmData.mat - Atmospheric data.
F16TrimData.mat - Trim state and control settings for an F-16.
gCobra.mat - Cobra CAD database.
gF16.mat - F16 acstate.

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Provide a default aircraft data structure. The F16 model is used.
Provide a default aircraft state.
Models the F16 actuators as first order lags with time constants

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Dynamics model for an aircraft. Updates the data structure x.
Build the aircraft model.
Initialize the aircraft model.
Plots the aircraft data. opt is 'info', 'init', 'store', 'plot'
Aircraft trimming algorithm. Uses the function FTrim.
Cost function for the trimming algorithm
Plots statespace data. opt is 'init', 'store', 'plot'

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Compute propeller thrust.
Compute turbofan thrust as a function of static thrust and velocity.

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Draws an aircraft in the NED frame. The aircraft state vector can
Draw terrain.
Implements a "heads-up-display".
Perform actions specified by the HUD. Define a data structure
Transform a 3D data structure. r is optional.

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Implements the "Air Data Computer" model.
Compute aircraft aspect ratio.
Computes the Mach number from pressure ratio.
Computes impact to static pressure ratio from Mach number and gamma.
Stagnation pressure ratio in supersonic flow.

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Aerodynamic model.
Find the equilibrium state of the engine.
Aircraft engine model.
Compute the aircraft modes for straight and level flight.
Generic aircraft sensor. Outputs are
Compute the state space system based on aerodynamic derivatives.
DC 8 stability derivatives model.
The F16 aircraft properties database.
L1011 aircraft model.

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Computes the absolute value of acstate.
Create an object of class acstate
Get an element of the class acstate
Length of a state vector
Subtract two objects of class acstate
Divides an object of acstate by a scalar.
Multiplies an object of type acstate times a scalar
Add two objects of class acstate
Assign a(i)
Finds a(i)
Create a zero vector the size of a.

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Design a simple aircraft control system consisting of a pitch rate tracking system.
Test a pitch rate control augmentation system.

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Demonstrate aircraft control using the AircraftControl function.
Try different control responses with a first order lag modeling the actuators.
Try different control responses with ideal actuators.
Simulate an F16 performing a coordinated turn. The F16 will go unstable due to an unstable longitudinal mode.
Fly an F16.
Simulate the linear and angular states of a rigid body using "AC.m"
Trim an F16

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Build the F16 Model.

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