Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art software tools and consulting services to the aerospace industry since 1995. We use our software tools to provide cutting edge GN&C solutions to customers worldwide..

MATLAB® Toolboxes

We use our MATLAB toolboxes for design and analysis of a variety of aerospace systems. The product line includes the Aircraft Control Toolbox (ACT), Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT), and the CubeSat Toolbox. Our Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control textbook features examples from the SCT.


We are actively designing control systems and hardware for CubeSats. Our offerings include the CubeSat Control System, Precision Reaction Wheel (under development), Air Core Magnetic Torquer, and the CubeSat Frame.

Aero/Astro Vehicle Control for VisualCommander

Our aero/astro control packages extend VisualCommander for space applications including CubeSats, our two-stage-to-orbit Space Rapid Transit program, and general GN&C including optical navigation. The packages include simulation model kits with supporting C++ software libraries, control system bundles with C++ source code implementing the control system, graphical user interfaces in VisualCommander.

Consulting Services

We provide services in the areas of launch support, attitude and orbit control system design, and mission design. PSS designed the attitude control system for the geostationary Cakrawarta/Indostar satellite, led the design of the safe orbit guidance system for the Swedish PRISMA mission, which is now flying.