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Generate a box centered at the origin.
Compute the vertices for a cone.
Generate a frustrum of a cone.

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Create a discrete time system using a zero order hold.
Create a discrete time systems using the delta operator.
Compute the frequency response of the system given a, b, c and d.
Compute the frequency response given a numerator/denominator pair.
Compute the multivariable frequency response of the system.
Creates state-space model from numerator and denominator polynomials.
Produces a state space n degree of freedom PID controller.
Eigenvalues to damping and natural frequency.
Converts from state space to numerator denominator form.
Checks the dimensions of the set a,b,c,d for consistency.
Computes the transmission zeros of a plant
Frequency vector with complex poles and zeros.
Creates a frequency vector with points around resonances.
Generates the frequency response for a digital filter.

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Outputs the value of a constant or opens a GUI for searching.

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Returns the path to a directory.

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User-interface to manage figure windows.
Produce a new figure with just a legend of colors and names.
Creates a message queue GUI. Once opened, it stays open.
Displays an estimate of time to go, compatible with ode113.
Displays an estimate of time to go.

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Converts a cell array to a matrix.
Close a figure
Outputs the size of each column of a cell array.
Creates a table from x for displaying to the command line.
Delete all blanks including spaces, new lines, carriage returns,
Delete leading and trailing blanks.
Delete a cell element of a one dimensional cell array.
Display a variable with a title.
Implement a scrollable edit window
This routine implements the flight software clock.
Gets the last uicontrol that was hit.
Get an element from a list uicontrol. Returns empty if there is no
Get a new tag to uniquely identify a figure.
Checks to see if the version of MATLAB is after n
Converts a number into a string using latex notation.
List the switch cases that are included in a given file.
Converts a string matrix to a cell array.
Save a structure in a file. You will be able to read it in by typing
In a matrix with each row a string finds the matching string
Converts a string to a list of tokens.
Write data structure to a text file or command line display.
Add a watermark to a figure.

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Find mode changes in data and draw as filled sections on existing plots.
Add view accelerators to a figure.
Add zoom-in (CTRL+I) and zoom-out (CTRL+O) accelerators to a figure.
Draw axes on the current plot with X, Y, Z, text labels.
Adjust 3D axes properties.
This function creates a GUI for manipulating the camera view.
Produce a set of 3-element RGB colors that spread across the colormap.
Converts the Wavefront OBJ color format to MATLAB.
Creates a figure with x,y,z coordinates at the origin.
Draw and object from vertices in a figure window using patch.
Generates an ellipsoid using the equation
Labels a line.
Given a frequency vector, find the logarithm of the frequency
Draws a 2 dimensional or three dimensional map of a planet.
Draws mesh plots with axis labels.
NPlot generates a plot on which the ylabels are character strings.
Creates a new figure.
Easily build a versatile 2D plot page consisting of any number of plots.
Create a 3-dimensional plot.
Edit this to globally change the plot styles for the plot labels
Create a slider in a new figure with continuous calls to callback.
Sort figure windows by cascading them.
Prints labels on a graph using text with toolbox style settings.
Generates a time label given the maximum value of t and rescales t.
Creates a title using the toolbox style settings.
Creates an xlabel using the toolbox style settings
Creates a ylabel using the toolbox style settings
Creates a zlabel using the toolbox style settings

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Add mass properties. mB is optional.
Convert an inertia matrix from a 1x6 to a 3x3 format.
Computes inertias of common objects about their c.m.
Create a mass data structure.

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Returns gas properties.

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Create and manages a hierarchical list. Each element of the list is

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Convert an angle and a unit vector to a quaternion.
Animate the evolution of a quaternion over time.
Converts a transformation matrix to a quaternion.
Convert a quaternion to an angle and a unit vector.
Converts a quaternion to 3-2-1 Euler angles.
Converts a quaternion to a transformation matrix.
Transforms a vector in the direction of the quaternion.
Multiply two quaternions.
Transpose of a quaternion.
Generates a random quaternion. The first element is always positive.
Transforms a vector opposite the direction of the quaternion.
Unitizes a quaternion. Quaternions are assumed to be the columns of q.
Outputs the zero quaternion, [1;0;0;0]
Finds the quaternion that aligns a unit vector with a second vector.

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Converts the date time array to the date time structure
Converts the date time structure to the date time array
Compute the day number from the date. Uses the format from clock. If no
Compute the Julian Date from the date.
Returns the Julian Date for J2000.0 0d 0h UT
Compute the day number from Julian date.
Compute the calendar date from the Julian date. Uses the format
Converts Julian days to centuries from J2000.0
Convert Julian Date to the form '04/20/2000 00:00:00'
Converts a Julian date to the nearest midnight.
Converts Julian centuries from J2000.0 to days

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Computes the altitude above an ellipsoidal planet.
Converts an orthonormal transformation matrix into 3-2-1 Euler angles.
Computes the transformation matrix from an r, phi, theta frame
Generates a rotation matrix that transforms in the opposite direction

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