CubeSat Toolbox Demos

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DisturbancesDemo: Example CubeSat disturbance analysis.

MagneticControlDemo: Magnetic control demo


CubeSatTiltedWings: Design a 3U CubeSat with tilted solar wings.

DesignMagneticTorquer: Design an air coil magnetic torquer for a CubeSat.


AttitudeProfileDemo: Demonstrate the AttitudeProfile function.

OrbitAndSensorConeAnimation: Demonstrate the playback of multiple orbits and moving sensor cones.

RepeatingGroundTrackDemo: Compute and simulate a repeat ground track orbit.


BatterySizing: Compute the power storage requirements for a CubeSat.


FFSimDemo: Demonstrate the use of FFSim to analyze disturbance effects.


CubeSatGGStabilized: Demonstrate a CubeSat with gravity gradient stabilization.

CubeSatRWASimulation: Demonstrate a CubeSat attitude and power system dynamics.

CubeSatSimulation: Demonstrate a CubeSat attitude and power system dynamics.

MagneticHysteresisOrbit: Magnetic hysteresis over multiple orbits.

MomentumManagement: Demonstrate simple dipole based momentum management

RadiationDisturbance: Radiation pressure disturbance demo.

SpacecraftWithDamping: A spacecraft with rate or hysteresis damping.

TubeSatSimulation: Demonstrate TubeSat attitude and power system dynamics.

TwoSpacecraftOrbitSimulation: Demonstrate a 2 satellite CubeSat constellation.

TwoSpacecraftSimpleOrbitSimulation: Demonstrate a 2 satellite CubeSat constellation


IsothermalCubeSatDemo: Isothermal satellite demo.